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Sexually Victimized By A Professional You Trusted?

If you have been the victim of sexual abuse or advances, inappropriate behavior, or have been compromised in anyway by a Doctor, Therapist, Nurse, Counselor, Pastor, Lawyer, Priest, or any other professional while under their care, The Law Office of Robert Gibson can help. When persons in authority exploit the vulnerable position of persons in their care it is abuse. Call and ask for a confidential consultation with Attorney Robert Gibson. If you suffered physical or mental pain, embarrassment, injury to your reputation, severe emotional distress, you may be entitled to Compensation.

Adult Victims of Clergy Abuse - And Broken Trust

Unfortunately, unlike minors who gain a lot of public empathy, adult victims of sexual exploitation by clergy are less likely to be seen as victims, but rather participants. This is due to the lack of public awareness! These vulnerable adults who sought counseling from their beloved pastor, minister, priest or rabbi rarely get the compassion they deserve when they are sexually abused, attacked or exploited. Whether they sought counseling due to a recent death, family problem, divorce or spiritual issue, they came with expectation, belief and  trust that when they confided their most innermost thoughts, they would receive help through Godly counseling. Their trust was betrayed when they became sexual prey to the clergyman. Many times the victims are so confused emotionally they question themselves as to, if they did something to cause the unwanted sexual advance. They sometimes partially blame themselves. They are often afraid no one will believe them, or feel ashamed because they gave in to the pressure and consented to engage in sexual acts with the clergyman. 

There are all kinds of reasons not to come forward, but none as important as the reasons to come forward. The number one reason is that coming forward is often the beginning of healing. The number two reason is that you are probably not the perpetrators first victim, and probably not their last. The third reason is once you recognize the imbalance of power and influence that the predator had over you, you can put away the guilt. It was and will always be up to the professional in the situation to draw the line in the relationship. Sex can never be a part of a healthy, healing counseling session. It should never happen. It is a “never event.”  Never Ever!  And the Pastor, Rabbi, Minister, and Counselors know that. They are the professionals in this relationship. Don’t become part of the “silent majority” by never getting justice for the pain and suffering brought on by being “preyed upon”, instead of being “prayed with”. Often if clergy will prey upon an adult, they will also prey upon a child. Let’s stop them. You know the hurt it has caused you. Generally speaking, these predators are repeat offenders. Call me for a confidential consultation.

Last, but not least. The reason to come forward is  to make the perpetrator pay for the damage they have caused you. Compensation for your pain and suffering. Place fear behind you, and move forward towards healing. You have a limited amount of time to make a claim. So act now. Don’t miss the window of opportunity to get the justice you deserve.

Call The Law Office of Robert Gibson 1-800-4LAWDOC. 

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