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Premise Liability

Premise liability is an injury sustained on someone else’s property. This could be property belonging to a friend, your landlord, or a store owner. If you or someone in your family has recently been injured on someone else’s property in the State of Florida, you can trust The Law Office of Robert Gibson to aggressively pursue the compensation that you or your loved one deserves. A property owner is legally responsible if you have been injured on their property as a result of an unsafe or dangerous condition.

Premise Liability Claims often arise when the property owner fails in their duties to provide   a properly maintained and safe environment for its guests. A business must minimize the risk of personal injury to its customers.  Further, if there are known risks or dangers they must be well marked and proper steps must be taken to have the public alerted to any hazardous condition.

Why Should I Call The Law Office Of Robert Gibson, PA?

Proving that the property owner was aware of the defect or dangerous condition can sometimes be very difficult, so you need an experienced lawyer. Mr. Gibson is a Doctor and a Lawyer and his working with personal injury cases for over 30 years has proved beneficial to his clients.  Whether we are representing you for a dog bite, a broken bone or a catastrophic head or spinal cord injury our goal is to ensure that those at fault are held responsible and justice is served.

What Should I Do Following a Premise Liability Incident?

When possible, collecting the names and contact information of witnesses can be helpful, in proving the validity of your claim. Ideally, you should document as many details surrounding the incident as possible. Almost everyone has a cell phone that can take a picture of the location to memorialize the object that caused the mishap. Also we suggest that you call for an ambulance and that you cooperate with medical experts in accessing your injuries.  Previous clients have reported that they were so embarrassed by the incident that they just went home, without making out a report or going directly to the hospital. This can prove to be detrimental. When the incident happens in a public building, always insist that they make a report, and that you would like a copy. Often stores and other public places have video surveillance which can capture the incident on tape. These tapes are often taped over, unless the establishment is notified timely that they need to preserve the tape for legal reasons. This is why it is important to call The Law Office of Robert Gibson, PA as soon as possible after the incident. You have the right to recover your losses for these injuries, and The Law Office of Robert Gibson can help.

There is no fee unless we recover a settlement on your behalf.

If you have been seriously injured you will want your attorney to provide a thorough evaluation of the premises. Additionally, you want your attorney to provide a legal assessment of your injuries and damages, including but not limited to:

•    Medical costs
•    Lost wages
•    Pain and suffering
•    Rehabilitation
•    Vocational rehabilitation
•    Long-term care or in-home care

The fact that Mr. Gibson is a Doctor and a Lawyer gives him a better perspective and ability to comprehend the totality of your situation as a whole. His knowledge of the medical side of your case and the legal aspects involved in bringing a claim have proven to be an advantage to his clients. 

Call The Law Office of Robert Gibson for a free evaluation of your case. Call us at (904) 273-3000 or (800) 4LAWDOC.

What if my injuries inhibit my ability to make an in office consultation?

No, problem. We can handle all the paperwork by phone, mail and email. We will even travel to your location when it becomes necessary!

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