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Auto Accidents

At The Law Office of Robert Gibson, PA we understand what you are going through. Robert Gibson has handled thousands of accident cases over the past 24 years as a lawyer. In addition, as a Doctor he practiced exclusively in the area of personal injury for the past 35 years, so he is familiar with the types of injuries generally seen as a result of an accident. He has represented and/or treated thousands of accident victims, and understands both the medical and legal issues that arise when someone is involved in an accident. He understands that an accident creates a new set of problems, which most people have never had to deal with before. The LAWDOC’s experience has helped many accident victims get the assistance they need and their questions answered. When you need Mr. Gibson’s experience as a doctor/lawyer to represent you in your auto case call us locally at (904) 273-3000 or at (800) 4LAWDOC.

After An Accident... Now What?

Call the police, even if it is a minor accident. Do not make any admissions of guilt. Provide only Drivers License, insurance information and registration when asked.

Call the Law Office of Robert Gibson for Immediate Assistance at 1-800-4-LAWDOC.

If you are injured, go to the hospital. It is very important that injuries are documented by a medical professional within 14 days, or you forfeit all medical benefits. If an emergency medical condition is documented at the hospital or by an approved medical provider your PIP benefits are available up to $10,000. If an emergency medical condition is not documented within 14 days you will only be entitled to $2,500 in medical coverage.

The Importance Insurance Plays In Your Legal Recovery

The main purpose of insurance is to protect “ourselves” in case we are injured in an automobile accident. The State of Florida requires every driver to carry automobile insurance. Despite this fact, we find that up to ½ of the drivers on Florida roads have no insurance coverage or have insufficient coverage. There are thousands of people driving on Florida roads that are driving without a license, much less having insurance! Regrettably many accident victims are shocked to find out only after an accident that they don’t have the coverage they need to bring a law suit for pain and suffering against an uninsured driver.   It is sad to see how many seriously injured people get financially destroyed because of the wrong or lack of proper insurance. The decision to save a few dollars by not buying uninsured motorist coverage, can be devastating when you find out that you lost your ability to make a claim, regardless of how serious the injury.

What About Getting A Rental Car?

Most everyone wants a rental car while their car is being repaired.  However, unless you paid for that coverage, in most instances you are not entitled to a rental car. Check your policy to see if you have the coverage you need if your car is disabled or needs repairs. Full coverage should mean that you have rental on your policy. Many people never think of the consequences of not having a rental car and not being able to get to work. But lose your job and the few extra dollars spent on rental insurance will seem inconsequential.

What Difference Does It Make What Deductible I have?

Understandably people are often confused about their auto insurance coverage and how to choose the right deductible for you. When you chose a deductible on your automobile policy it essentially means that you are committing to be self-insured up to the amount of the deductible you chose. Your insurance will kick in after the deductible is paid.  While there may be exceptions, generally, this means to get your vehicle out of the body shop, you will be responsible for paying the deductible. You should never choose a high deductible more than what you may have in  savings and know that you can afford to pay should an accident occur. 

But...I Was Told I Had Full Coverage!

People feel deceived when they learn that the “full coverage” they thought they bought, wasn’t that at all. When selling insurance many companies in an effort to reduce premiums give the consumer only what the State of Florida requires. This is not full coverage.  We have heard it thousands of times, “my agent told me I’m fully covered”.  After reviewing the policy, it turns out they were not fully covered.  Some insurance agents purportedly use the term full covered to mean that the coverage meets the minimum mandatory insurance requirement  to legally operate a vehicle on Florida roadways. Review your policy, and make sure you are fully covered.

Why Do I Have To Use My Insurance for Treatment When It Wasn’t My Fault?

Florida is a no-fault State which means that your insurance, (not the at fault party) pays for your medical bills. If you did not get med pay on your policy, your standard PIP policy only pays 80% or your bills.  Without med pay, you will be responsible for the 20% not paid by your insurance company, after you have met your deductible. Your insurance also covers a portion of your lost wages if you are seriously injured and unable to work. Some insurance companies now offer a lower premium if you waive that part of your policy. Don’t discover after it is too late that you have waived the right to be compensated for lost wages.

We at The Law Office of Robert Gibson, PA have successfully represented thousands of clients and got them the compensation they deserved after their accident. If you need competent experienced representation call The Law Office of Robert Gibson, PA to discuss your case. Call (800) 4LAWDOC or (904) 273-3000.

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